Policy change request

        The customer can submit a request to change the product within a period of 7 days after you receive the product and found the situation defined as follows:
        1. Products that have a stain or damaged during transportation (the customer will be required to take a photo defective products or damaged in when you receive the product).
        2. The customer receives the product does not match the specifications in the agreement such as the size is not valid, etc.
        3. The product has a different from the description that peranya.com specified in the Product Details.
        4. The customer is not able to submit a change request. Due to the not satisfied with a product of the customers themselves.
        5. Customer is unable to submit the request change if the product is the condition changes after you received product (The customer must submit the product image when you receive the product and product image that will make the change request to the peranya.com before).
        1. If the customer does not have product image defects or damage while you receiving products. peranya.com reserves the right to submit a request for change the product.
        2. Peranya.com will send the new product to the customer. When we receive the original product from the customer.